Can you wear a faja without having BBL or Lipo surgery? (2023)

With the whole BBL push on social media, many people wonder if fajas will work without surgery?

Well, today we are going to get into it…because many women want to get that tummy tuck and BBL look without the cost of surgery.

The right faja with the right components such as mad compression and even possible contouring assistance can help give you a BBL shape with no surgery. However, it will not be in long term of course like surgery. Therefore, when the faja comes off you will no longer have the coke bottle shape. So for people, who want to “wake up like” this and be able to just go to the beach showing off their BBL enhanced figure, at that point a faja would be no good if you plan to wear a bikini.

The reality is that fajas have been around before plastic surgery really got into the ubiquitous form of body modification talk or psyche, a faja–which is Spanish word for “girdle” have been used in Latin America for generations as the shapewear standard to help achieve a seamless voluptuous appearance.

Do Fajas work without surgery?

Although over the years fajas have become known as a post-operative compression garments for liposuctions and Brazilian butt lifts they can be used as for compression much like Spanx. In fact, they are the original compression garment before Spanx became the ubiquitous compression garment that it is today.

Here are some of the benefits that people report with regarding to wearing fajas:

  • Back support
  • Improved posture
  • Minimize cellulite appearance
  • Minimize and compress problems areas such as: FUPA, Saddle Bags, Muffin Top, Etc
  • Reduced appetite due to the stomach area compression

Faja’s most recent legacy however, is that of being an garment to wear after plastic surgery is why people question if they can wear a faja with no surgery?

The answer is “yes” you can definitely wear a faja without surgery you just have to focus on the right one. Remember that a post surgical faja is supposed to help support a patient that has medically altered their figure with a focus on maintaining in appropriate level swelling, bruising, and tenderness.

Since you are wearing a faja with no surgery you want to get a non-surgical faja as surgical fajas may have “no hip or butt compression” as that is not warranted in a after lipo and BBL.

By getting a non-surgical faja you can focus on one that fits your needs as you do need some high level compression hips, butts, everywhere as that is your goal is to look snatched up like the surgery patient.

still remains and is the reason some people question if it can work without surgery and the answer is a resounding “yes.”

(Video) The 411 on Fajas - Post Plastic Surgery Body Shaper Girdle | Mia Aesthetics

The internet is full of viral videos albeit some in a distasteful mocking manner of drastic FUPA change with Faja type shapewear garments.

Fajas can instantly give you that hourglass figure and help keep you in things like belly fat and FUPA.

So if your question is do fajas work?

The answer is “yes” fajas do work and they can definitely tightening it up to reveal a coke bottle type figure.

However, please note that neither fajas nor Spanx can aid in any weight loss.

(Video) Wearing a Faja WITHOUT SURGERY!

Can you lose weight by wearing a faja?

Unfortunately, you can not lose weight by wearing a faja. I know I know, you see these faja companies making internet claims that you are going to lose weight. However, let’s put on our critical thinking hat.

What kind of weight are they referring to?

The inconsequential weight that can easily be gained back. Especially since water levels can cause a person’s weight to fluctuate between 2-4 pounds per day.

That is not real weight loss and I won’t pretend like it is just to give you some wild internet claim. However, that doesn’t mean that faja becomes the garment equivalent to persona non grata. There is still a lot of things that fajas do well like the benefits discussed above. Weight loss is just one of the things it’s not made for.

But really, what garment really is????

I know…I know…many of the internet claims that you can lose x weight by x time by wearing this or that, especially in the waist training niche. However, if fajas were really a miracle garment that really could aid in major weight loss there would literally be no fajas left on the market.

I mean everybody and their mommy will be grabbing up fajas! So if you look at it from that perspective you can logically deduce that faja has its benefits but weight loss by the mere fact of wearing the faja does not happen. However, one benefit some people report is that they have a reduced appetite due to the stomach compression much like the “corset” and so some people may reduce their food intake and thereby lose weight. This idea of a corset modifying your diet was discussed a few years ago with the infamous Kim Kardashian corset at the Met Gala. I consider this a derivative effect because it rests more on habit modification regarding you losing weight vs the mere fact the faja is on your body causing you to lose weight.

(Video) How "Fajas" Compression Garments Affect Surgery Results By Dr. Prendergast At Mia Aesthetics

Does a faja help flatten your stomach?

A faja can definitely help to flatten your stomach. It actually does a really good job if you get the right type of faja. Fajas have powerful compression and some fajas are so tough to get into that some people have been known to get assistance to put a faja on or could easily spend 15 minutes because they are trying to get into it. It’s like the faja compresses too good.

A faja can be very magical actually like really if you had that special event you wanted to go to and needed to really flatten your stomach and compress FUPA faja. Check out the video below which shows an example of someone with no surgery trying on a faja.

(Video) How Long Do I Have to Wear a FAJA After Surgery?

Do fajas really shape your butt?

Fajas can definitely help shape your butt. However, you must get a good faja. Some of the fajas are very flimsy admittedly the one pictured here in the cover photo is not of the best quality. The right faja can do wonders to help shape your body as a whole. There are fajas that will compress you in the right areas like your stomach and provide coverage even for problem areas you might be experiencing like FUPA or cellulite.

Getting the right faja is every so important it cannot be overstated. If you get a flimsy one its no better than a body shaper you can get at Walmart. Consider getting high quality ones and get them from companies that are used to serving BBL and lipo patients.

According to the American Academy of Plastic Surgery the average cost of buttock augmentation with fat grafting is $4,807, theaverage cost of butt implants is $5,278and theaverage cost of a buttock lift is $5,482.” So for those who can’t undergo plastic surgery due to the costs or will not because of the risk involved a faja is a great alternative to get that snatched look you desired.

(Video) Fajas After BBL & Liposuction by Dr. Bronstein at Mia Aesthetics

A faja might be your best bit to get that BBL and snatched tummy tuck look with no surgery! You will notice that the higher end faja companies that sell medical type fajas will also sell ones for daily use. That is because the needs of a post operative patient that needs a faja due to recent surgery–wherein the focus is less compression on certain areas–the butt and tummy tuck area can differ than you–since you do not want surgery. So please make sure to get a faja that is meant for daily use that fits your needs.

Overall fajas do work–rather you have surgery or not! Fajas can be a double whammy to help shape your body, while also flattening out your stomach and while also plumping up your butt. To what degree will largely depend on the effort you put in.


Can I wear a faja even if I didn't have surgery? ›

Fajas can be used for every day as well you do not need to have surgery in order to use a faja . Using a faja will help over all with your shape and compression , Fajas hold you in and give you a smooth look !

Can anybody wear a faja? ›

Fajas Are Only Made for Women

Men can wear fajas and other compression garments normally. But the purpose of wearing them differs from man to woman. Most women wear fajas for a better body shape or during postpartum recovery, while men wear them for exercising and medical conditions.

Does wearing a faja help flatten your stomach? ›

False. Colombian girdles don't help you to lose weight but dropping measurements. The fajas effect is more visual but your weight will be the same. If what you are looking for is to lose weight you can wear it as a complement to your workout routine and eating plan.

Does wearing a faja change your shape? ›

Fajas are body shapers. Just by putting on the fajas, you will see the changes in your body shape. Due to the high compression action, the unwanted areas and the fat will be pushed in, giving you a smooth waistline. You would no longer have to worry about fat bulges ruining the look of that dress on you.


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