# Applications to see the human body in 3D, which one to choose?【 2023 】 # (2023)

En styleapps we show you the best apps to see the human body in 3D. So let's see how to learn everything about the vital organs, the skeletal system and know your body We also give you the possibility of being able to take into account how sell pictures of your body.


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Best applications to see your body in 3d

Although there are many options to study, learn and browse; 3D Avatar body is a mobile application for 3D body capture with smartphone.

ApplicationOpinionDownload App
3D Body3D Avatar helps you do a 3D body scan
Human bodyTo see and check the body in 3D
3D organsLook at the human body in 3d

Technology developed by the Institute of Biomechanics using AI and data-driven 3D models. With only two photos 3D Avatar body allows you to capture the shape of the body in 3D from two images taken with any smartphone.

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The app sends two images to the cloud, where all the processing is done, returning, in seconds, a precise 3D model and a list of body measurements.

Ease of use 3D Avatar body has been designed to be easily used from anywhere. It provides up to 100 measurements and a high-resolution mesh of the body, compatible with any CAD or simulation application.

High Precision for different applications, such as virtual tests, custom measurements or shoe size assignment. Guaranteed data protection for the user based on the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union 2016/679. Excellent results in various sectors such as fashion, health, sports and entertainment. try clicking here!!

Apps to see your body in 3d

There are many apps to learn and understand the human body. These apps on the human body for smartphones and tablets are ideal for understanding how the body works. In the network you can find different resources about the human body, but it also discovers applications to use the new formats and devices.

Specifically, with these apps on the human body, students will learn and understand how they work inside.

3D human body It offers a three-dimensional representation of the human anatomy through a character that can move in any direction. It is possible to zoom in on specific areas, obtain general information on the organism or select any organ. This application, available on Android and iOS, includes different modes: 'general', 'bones', 'muscles' and 'organs', among others.

Idle Human allows you to study the nervous system, differentiate the different bones, learn about the vital organs and check their movements are some of the main functions of this app.

One of the possibilities that it allows is to create a robot using mechanical parts so that students understand the importance of human anatomy and how it is different from a machine, despite the fact that the robot has a similar shape.

In addition, it includes messages with interesting facts about the selected part.

3D organs As the name suggests, it is to study the organs: the stomach, the lungs, the liver or the kidneys perform functions that people could not live without, such as the absorption of nutrients, respiration or the production of bile.

# Applications to see the human body in 3D, which one to choose?【 2023 】 # (1)

This is what this resource teaches through 3D images. It organizes them by type (digestive, respiratory, cerebral...) and shows data related to the names of each part as well as animations while they carry out their work.

App to see 3d body

Parts of the body is a didactic game for the little ones to recognize what their knees, shoulders or wrists are. It also provides information about their skeletal system and their organs: it includes schemes in which they can be distinguished so that they know what they are like inside. After creating a character, the application allows you to check the shape of a bone, a lung or a kidney, among others.

  • The Anato Trivia quiz puts students to the test, who must choose a level according to their notions of the subject (easy, intermediate and expert).
    • Then, they will choose a material: bones or organs. And finally, they will begin to receive questions that they will try to get right in the shortest time possible with the aim of adding points that will remain registered.
    • Some of these provide images, as well as four possible solutions, among which is a correct one.

X-Anatomy is a complex anatomy atlas designed for medical students, and that we can use at school to delve into the ins and outs of the human body. X-Anatomy is exclusively available on iOS devices and has a free version and a paid version that unlocks all the features, and costs 9,99 euros.

  • Complete Anatomy is one of the most comprehensive apps on digital platforms, available on iOS, Windows, and Mac.
    • Complete Anatomy includes more than 6.500 structures of the human body that we can view in 3D, rotate with our fingers, or learn more.
    • The version for iOS (iPad only) is free to download, although unlocking it completely costs 49,99 euros.[/su_list][/su_note]

Pocket Anatomy contains more than 1.000 high resolution animations of organs, muscles, bones or any internal structure of the human body, so we can zoom in and discover all the details.

Pocket Anatomy is exclusive to iOS (iPhone and also iPad) where it is priced at 14,99 euros, although there is also a version for macOS computers.

How to see the human body in 3D

Focused on the bony part of our body, Essential Skeleton 4 offers all the information both in three-dimensional images and designs and in informative and explanatory text of each nook and cranny. Exclusive to iOS, it is available on iPad for a price of 19,99 euros.

  • Focused on the heart and, above all, on the ailments that it can cause to human health Hearth Decide is an app designed to be an ally to the doctor, with the aim of allowing him to explain in a simple way the heart diseases that he may suffer .
    • The app, available on iOS, is free although fully unlocking it is priced at 74,99 euros.

The Human Body is an exploration app, created for iOS devices and with a clear focus on children and adolescents.

The Human Body will allow us, for example, to feed our doll, move it or touch it to discover a great interaction with which to learn all the basic and essential concepts about our body.

The price is 3,99 euros, although there is also a more limited free version for you to try some of its features.

# Applications to see the human body in 3D, which one to choose?【 2023 】 # (2)

Best apps to explain about the human body in 3D

Tom will be our virtual teacher, the one who will guide us through this app: The human body taught by Tom is a tour that will allow us to discover how we work, as well as answer some questions that the most curious little ones can ask themselves to understand what we are about facts, how we communicate or how we defend ourselves. Available on iOS for free, although the price to fully unlock it is 2,99 euros.

  • Human Anatomy Atlas iOS. Designed for a more advanced audience, Human Anatomy Atlas puts all the most technical details in an app, available on Android.
    • Oriented to medical students but also to those young people who are especially interested in the world of the human body.
    • Its price is 27,99 euros and it is also available on PC and Mac platforms.

Like the previous one, the case of Essential Anatomy 5 goes along the same lines of offering a very complete and advanced anatomy encyclopedia, with all kinds of material and designed for a demanding public. Its price is high, 24,99 euros, but it is certainly a great resource for those looking for a very complete app with which to study everything about the human body. Available only on iOS platforms.

  • Visual Anatomy is one of the most complete apps on the human body, which will allow us to study all the systems that exist within us.
    • Visual Anatomy is a reference in which we will find hundreds of high resolution images and points that will allow us to discover the names of the elements, along with a short description.

Available on iOS and Android, its price is 2,99 euros and there is a more limited lite version so we can test how it works.

What app to use to see the human body in 3D

3D Anatomy It is composed of models of the human body made in 3D, this app has a version related to the muscles and another to the bones, which can be enlarged, reduced or rotated. It incorporates a search engine with which to locate any organ that is needed and, in addition, it includes several tests with which to review the knowledge acquired. Only suitable for Android devices.

  • Anatomy Study Guide; This application (to be downloaded only on Android) allows, through its 11 available models of the human body, to learn about the different systems that make it up through two modes: testing and learning.
    • It is possible to enlarge specific parts, reduce them and even rotate them 360º, in addition to making notes in the margin.

Classical Anatomy; This didactic game of questions and answers allows the student to know everything related to the human body through its two test models: tactile, in which anatomical structures have to be identified, and textual, in which it is necessary to name those that application check. Translated into eight languages, at the end of the process it shows the user the results, awarding medals as a reward if they are good.

  • Human Anatomy, the human body: From the muscular to the respiratory or reproductive systems, this tool includes images of the entire human body through which the user can move freely with their fingers, being able to enlarge, reduce or rotate whenever they want.
    • It has a description of each element with links to Wikipedia for more information. Available for Android.

Anatomy 3D Atlas for android

This application can be downloaded for free, although in order to unlock all its contents it will be necessary to make an in-app purchase.

You will be able to test the application properly by accessing the complete bone system and some other content that is always available for free.

# Applications to see the human body in 3D, which one to choose?【 2023 】 # (3)

Anatomy 3D Atlas allows you to study the human anatomy in an easy and interactive way.
Through a simple and intuitive interface you will be able to observe each of the anatomical structures from any angle.


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The 3D anatomical models are especially detailed and offer textures of up to 4k resolution. Subdivision by regions and predefined views make it easy to observe
and the study of individual parts or groups of devices, as well as the relationships between the different organs.

"Anatomy – 3D Atlas" is an application aimed at medical students, doctors, physiotherapists, health personnel, nurses, athletic trainers and, in general, anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of human anatomy.

This app is a fantastic tool that serves as a companion to classic human anatomy books.

Visual Anatomy Free for android

Visual Anatomy Free is an interactive reference, and education tool. A rotating organ 3D vision model is now included! It contains all the systems of the anatomy of the body and has more than 500 entity points, which can be interactively selected.

# Applications to see the human body in 3D, which one to choose?【 2023 】 # (4)

Each feature point has its own label and description. The app also has search function that can be used as searching the labels of all the points of the entity.

The primary use of this app is as a learning tool, but it can also be used for any professional who needs the occasional reminder.

Additionally, this app is ideal for clinicians, educators, or professionals, allowing them to visually display detailed areas to their patients or students – helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments, and injuries. It is also a general guide to anatomy.


  • Support English, French, German, Spanish.
  • Muscle action animations to explain muscle actions.
  • Description of the muscle (origin, insertion, NERVES, ACTIONS).
  • Quiz Mode – challenge yourself with the option to turn off the function point label.
  • Quick Navigation – jump to a different system or organ by selecting the thumbnail.
  • Multiple choice quiz.
  • High resolution images.
  • English pronunciation audio
  • Excellent for learning anatomy and physiology.
  • Free regular updates.
  • It can be used as an anatomy dictionary by searching on the term anatomy.

Pinch and Zoom – Pinch zoom in and identify any region, bone or other feature by tapping on the screen.

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