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Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery Reviews

Ann Arbor, Michigan (June 2015) – Drs. Pramit Malhotra, who specializes in plastic surgery, recently added Ultherapy® to his list of cosmetic offerings in Ann Arbor…

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Ann Arbor, MI, September 2014 -( – In the ever-changing and growing world of cosmetics, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in advanced techniques. It is important to use new treatments to improve the health of our body’s main organ, the skin…

Unlike most surgeons in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dr. Pramit Malhotra uses the vertical breast lift technique. This system eliminates the need for anchor-type spacers, reducing scarring…

Rhinoplasty techniques have evolved to provide better results in nose surgery. dr. Pramit Malhotra, who specializes in rhinoplasty in the Detroit area, talks about…

Dr. Pramit Malhotra, a breast augmentation surgeon in Michigan, now offers the “Mini-Mommy Makeover” to women who weigh 10 to 20 pounds less than their pre-pregnancy weight.

Michigan Center For Cosmetic Services

Dr. Pramit Malhotra, who practices plastic surgery in Ann Arbor, recently added CoolSculpting™ with ZELTIQ™ to his menu of services. This non-surgical procedure is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to liposuction…

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Dr. Pramit Malhotra, a plastic surgeon in Ann Arbor, offers his “Insider Tips” for many procedures on his website. It allows visitors to find detailed information about the activity they are interested in…

The best breast augmentation method is one that gives natural results but requires little recovery time. Plastic surgery patients in Michigan can now have breast augmentation surgery and return to normal activities within 48 hours with specialized surgical techniques and thorough medical care…

Dr. Michigan plastic surgeon Malhotra now has a luxurious new office in Ann Arbor offering the latest in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures in a comfortable, private…

Pdf) Antibiotic Prophylaxis For Preventing Surgical Site Infection In Plastic Surgery: An Evidence Based Consensus Conference Statement From The American Association Of Plastic Surgeons

Our Michigan plastic surgeons understand that the difference is in the details to achieve the results you want. Visit Dr. Malhotra, Dr. Ballard and Dr. Lapaine at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, schedule your consultation today.

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© 2022 Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery | Plastic Surgery Marketing and Plastic Surgery Website Design by Asset 2 Welcome to Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, where the difference is in the details. We’ve built our practice as the place to go when you’re looking for a professional ophthalmologist to help you look your best.

We are happy when patients trust us. Whether you’re in Michigan or out of state, come in for a consultation and see Dr. Pramit Malhotra, Dr. Tiffany Ballard or Dr. Pierre Lapaine before your visit, we have pointed out these important points for you to familiarize yourself with. method and philosophy.

Plastic surgery can change the lives of our patients. After operations such as a face lift, breast augmentation or tummy tuck, we are very pleased with the confidence and strength of our patients. Our goal is to provide each patient with:

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Mini Facelift Before And After Photo Gallery

We’ll know your procedure was a success when you enjoy your experience with us and enjoy natural results.

Reflects our commitment to natural-looking, long-lasting results. Our doctors recognize the best features of the patient and use safe and innovative solutions to harmonize and restore them.

In our culture, we believe in the special. While our surgeons have trained and performed plastic surgery procedures in many disciplines, our surgeons pride themselves on the specialized procedures they have developed through extensive training, dedication, and rigorous analysis of results to continue to improve. dr. Malhotra, Dr. Ballard and Dr. Lapaine is dedicated to the art of cosmetic surgery through education and training, making them one of the top plastic surgeons in Michigan.

With 11 years of training from world-renowned plastic surgeons, Dr. Malhotra is one of the most qualified plastic surgeons in Michigan. He is board certified in both plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat) and is an accomplished surgeon in rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and hair restoration. He is precise, attentive and very detailed. Our patients love that Dr. Malhotra encourages their questions.

News And Specials

Providing his patients with the “perfect stitch”, Dr. Ballard is known for his steady hands, gentle grasp of tissue and precision sewing to create precise incisions. dr. Ballard is professionally trained in many advanced techniques to create natural-looking results for his patients. Our patients love Dr. They often say that Ballard feels like an old friend from the moment they first meet. dr. Ballard is our “Mommy Makeover” specialist, helping our patients get their bodies back after giving birth through tummy tucks, liposuction and labiaplasty. He also specializes in facelifts and eye surgeries.

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Dr. Lapaine is a fellowship-trained aesthetic surgeon specializing in all aspects of cosmetic surgery, including facial, breast and body contouring. Her favorite procedures are facelifts, including facelifts, eye lifts, and other less invasive procedures.

In addition, Dr. Lapaine specializes in body contouring with high-definition liposuction and fat transfer, including buttock (commonly known as a Brazilian butt lift) and breast. Breast fat transfer alone or in combination with implants can be a very powerful way to achieve a natural, long-lasting improvement in the appearance of your breasts.

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Our Michigan plastic surgeons understand that the difference is in the details to achieve the results you want. Visit Dr. Malhotra, Dr. Ballard or Dr. At Lapaine Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, schedule a consultation today.

Dr. Joseph P. Fodero, Md, Plastic Surgeon

At Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, we are a team. Our doctors could not do their jobs without the help and support of our nurses, office managers and patient care coordinators. We believe in providing our employees with the training and qualifications they need to serve you.

We help create the best possible patient experience. There are two important rules for our employees and we insist that they be strictly followed:

If we can improve your experience in any way, please let us know. Our team will accept nothing more than your satisfaction.

We work with men and women from all over the country, as well as patients who travel to Michigan for the opportunity to work with our highly experienced physicians.

Pdf) Systematic Review And Meta Analysis In Facial Plastic Surgery

We are proud to have a full service medical center on site where we offer our patients the latest facial and body rejuvenation treatments. There are many advantages to choosing a plastic surgery medical spa like us.

Do you have uneven skin after being in the strong summer sun? Consider one of our chemical peels or lasers to reveal younger looking skin. Are you tired of deep forehead wrinkles? Botox® can numb them. Schedule a consultation with a member of our spa team to discuss your concerns and determine which treatments will work best for you.

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Let our library of before and afters show you Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Pramit Malhotra, Dr. Tiffany Ballard and Dr. Pierre Lapaine. Trust the skilled hands of our board-certified doctors who understand

We use local, certified surgery centers affiliated with hospitals for procedures that require IV sedation or general anesthesia. We believe these services provide a safe experience for our patients as they emphasize:

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Safety is our number one priority and the certified operation centers we use offsite maintain the highest safety standards. We would not feel safe accepting various types of surgery in the office; Our patients should not be.

You are the most important part of our practice. When it comes down to it, the reason we’re here in the first place is our patients.

Excellence is for everyone. Our patients come from all walks of life. Everyone is treated like a VIP.

Our patients are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, bosses and best friends. We know there is no room for people in your life and we are honored to have the opportunity to provide you with care. Our standards are high, but they have to be. We know how important our patients are and we will never give them anything less than the best.

Meet Our Team

© 2022 Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery | Plastic Surgery Marketing and Plastic Surgery Website Design, Asset 2 Rhinoplasty patients often want to improve the shape of the tip of their nose. Another common problem is a tip of the nose that looks “boxed” or rounded. Surgical techniques used in the past emphasized the compressed nasal tips. Modern techniques can create a refined tip of the nose while avoiding “putting on the nose”. Ann Arbor, Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Pramit Malhotra’s goal is to give his patients beautiful, natural-looking noses—just like them, only better.

Women and men who prefer rhinoplasty in Ann Arbor, Michigan usually have two

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